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Jonas Colting

Eating healthy can be a challenge when working out for hours every day. That´s why a lot of athletes get stuck on a sub-par diet heavily based on sugary energy bars, gels and meal replacement powders in search of a quick-fix diet. And it is! ....a quick-fix diet to lesser health and performance!

I believe that health and fitness should be intertwined and equally important in athletics and in life. We can´t strive for shortcuts to fitness on the expense of our well being. And that´s exactly what we are doing when relying heavily on unhealthy and refined products when we´re stressing our bodies through everyday life and in working out.

What a paradox that is being the harder we push ourselves the better we need to take care of ourselves!

I believe that we should eat as primal and natural as can be in order to fuel our inner fire. Only then can we truly be the lean, mean and fat burning machine we were meant to be!

With the ORGANIC FOOD BAR I will always have a top-notch product to keep me going whether I´m on the bike in the Ultraman World Championships or on an airplane or just looking for a savoury snack in the afternoon between workouts. And I know it will be the best choice possible for my health, my performance and for the environment!

Jonas Colting has been racing at the highest pinnacle of the sport of triathlon for the past 10 years!

He´s the two-time winner of the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii; arguably the hardest triathlon in the world with a 10 kilometre swim, a 540 kilometre bikeleg and a final run of 84 kilometres over the course of three days!

Jonas also has multiple podiumfinishes at the ITU World and European Championships and several international victories and truly has established himself as a world class triathlete.

Hailing from a swimming background, Jonas now features a stunning run speed as his strength and has a marathon  best of 2.44 at the end of an Ironman triathlon!

In Sweden he´s also renowned as the only person to have completed the legendary “Swedish Classic” in one fell sweep! 3 kilometre of swimming, 90 kilometres of skiing completed on roller skiis, 300 kilometres of biking and a 30 kilometre cross country run was completed in 25 hours including transportation between the events courses. After this feat he was dubbed “the fittest athlete in Sweden”!

Jonas is also a noted author, writer, blogger and columnist and has written two books.
“I just want to look good naked” was published in 2005 and the cookbook with the same name came the year after, Both books have received accolades and have been bestsellers in their genre in Sweden.

The message on health, lifestyle, nutrition and wellbeing that is being touted by Jonas in his books is also an attractive topic among the corporate clients that hire him for various corporate talks, seminars and projects.

Olympic Windsurfer, Cyprus.

Professional Kiteboarder,

Race Car Driver, USA

Professional Triathlete, USA

Professional Bodybuilder, USA


Professional Windsurfer, Denmark.

Two-time Ultraman World Champion, Sweden

Professional Surfer, USA.

Professional Golfer, USA

Captain of the National Karate Team, Canada

Bike racing team, NYC, USA

Master Instructor Trainer

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